Did the car start to pass smoke on the road? Maybe the window opener button does not work? Or maybe technical inspection term is over and you are worried that your car will not go through the next one? Each fault can be diagnosed and corrected - sufficient tools, knowledge and time are enough. It so happens that we have them all. We are waiting for you and your car in our car workshop!

Car diagnostics

Modern cars are so constructed that the proverbial “screw tightening” itself does not solve the problem. The times when every driver could fix a car with one key are over. Today’s cars
more often need computer diagnostics and car computer science, rather than just a mechanic.

We are aware of the fact that we are able to diagnose a fault that no one can remove. When other car services surrender, we solve the problem. Therefore, we do not turn away from the client and we even accept those hopeless cases.

We rely on original software and work on the best diagnostic equipment: TECH II, SNAP ON PDL4000, VIDA DICE 2016, VCDS (formerly vag-com)
We upgrade software, upload new computers with SPS (Service Programming System), erase errors, program drivers. In the latest cars, practically every mechanical repair also requires car diagnostics, so we upload new batteries to the system, adapt the flow meters or turn angle sensors.
And more humanly speaking: We can turn off the alert lights that are on 😉

Every car will find help, so our doors are open to every driver. Nevertheless, the specifics of the place in our offer are SAAB and BMW diagnostics because we have been specializing in such brands for many years. We warmly welcome all lovers of these exceptional soul vehicles 🙂

Car inspections

If your car has announced that it is already the highest
“time for service,” it means it’s time to come to us
for a car inspection.



Why inspect a car with us ?
Because when you go for general examination, you want
to get all the results – morphology, sugar, cholesterol, red blood cells, etc. You are not just going to hear from a nurse “you look good”. The same is true with technical car inspections. Either we want to believe that a mechanic has a very discerning eye or we believe in measurements, tests and global standards.
Despite many years of experience, people may be wrong, overlook, forget, misjudge something and, therefore, we developed a special vehicle inspection system. The mechanics have to check dozens of points, do measurements with specialized equipment, they are guided not only by experience but, first of all, by unquestionable information. That’s why nothing misses the attention of our specialists during car inspections at Autoekspert.


How long does a car inspection take?
Because every car is very carefully checked, we need at least 2.5 hours to get acquainted with the technical condition of the vehicle. After this time, we always inform the customer about all the faults noted. We know how important time is, so we try to give back the cars the same day and, for specific repairs, we make appointments at other convenient times. We are not advocates of car repairing during car inspections as it usually involves much longer repairs and higher costs.


When can I leave the car for an inspection?
Car inspections always have to be arranged as they require the prior preparation of a special position, documents and tools. In our car service, we always start the day with inspections, so it is best to bring your car between 7:00 and 9:00 or you can arrange to leave the car in the evening in our lot. If you care about a quick and efficient car inspection, please make an appointment for the time we suggest – rush is a bad advisor 😉

Car repair

From bulb replacement to engine repairs. Sometimes you can save something, sometimes you have to replace it with a new one.



How long will it take to repair my car?
When others estimate the repair time roughly, in our car workshop we follow the information available in AUTODATA. This is a specialized database calculating the operating hours of specific car repairs in all vehicle brands. In mechanics, it is hard to do anything on time, so we reduce the risk to a minimum and we prepare ourselves in advance.

Do not want to have any surprises?
We too!
But sometimes it is inevitable. That is why we always keep our customers up to date on the car repair process. If the strategy we have developed before has to be changed immediately, we do not make a decision ourselves. We always call and ask for approval. As far as possible, we try to explain the problem by showing pictures or short videos and working together to develop further.

When can I come to the car repair?
Car repairs are not equal. Sometimes something can only look scary, and in practice it turns out to be a minor flaw. In order to repair a car, we arrange specific appointments. We do not want to expose anyone to long waiting for a car, so we pre-order all the necessary parts to repair the car. We initially calculate the time that we need to devote to fixing a problem and prepare a suitable time for both the client and us. To best estimate how long a car repair will last, we need to see the car with our own eyes, so welcome!


In our car service, we always start the day with inspections, so it is best to bring your car between 7:00 and 9:00 or you can arrange to leave the car in the evening in our lot.

Fleet support

We know how difficult it is to manage everything by running a large company.

It is impossible to do everything yourself and you should delegate some work to others. Corporate car service is a very important issue which, when entrusted to incompetent people, can lead to many losses in the company. It is enough that the car breaks down on the road and you will have to cancel a very important meeting, or the cost of repairing by car dealers will outweigh the financial opportunities of the company.

Large companies must have efficient cars to get anywhere on time – contracts, opinions, relationships and profits depend on them.

Our car workshop has been running fleets for a number of companies for many years. We have developed a reliable service strategy for such cars. We assume that cars that are exposed to increased wear and tear require more frequent but less expensive visits at workshops. With this, we are able to identify potential malfunctions and we do not allow the car to refuse to obey on the road.


Thanks to this strategy, the company saves money because the cars are still running, the risk of vehicle failure and towing is reduced by 80% and the cost of visits is equal and predictable.

On a yearly basis, the companies whose fleets we run save up to 30% on the car service at our workshop.



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