BMW Inspection

Although BMW cars are one of the most rigidly constructed cars in the world, parts of them are also naturally used and, after some time, they just need to be replaced.

But, unfortunately, the faults are most often attributable to the owners themselves who neglect to inspect their BMWs. Oil shortages or contaminated filters are a straightforward way to break down a car. It is therefore recommended that you inspect your BMW at least once a year or after 15 000 km.

What is a BMW inspection like?

During inspection of a BMW, we are not only guided by our experience but we also use specialized measuring equipment so that no fault will escape our mind, and the owner of the car is sure that everything has been carefully checked and can safely take the wheel of his car.

How long does the BMW inspection take?

Autoekspert experts are well aware that it is better to prevent than cure, and that regular BMW inspections play a key role in the prevention of repairs, so we pay particular attention to them. We do not carry them out of hand because they require special preparation, so we encourage you to schedule a visit earlier.

We start our work with inspections to finish them on the same day. We do all the activities related to the control of the technical condition of vehicles for about 2.5 h.





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Why is it not worth to neglect the inspections?

It is not without reason that it is said that a miser loses twice. Regular inspections should be permanently committed into BMW’s operating costs as, by neglecting them, we subject the car to severe accidents. By looking at the vehicle, we have the opportunity to prevent or correct a problem in time to prevent damage that requires serious and costly repairs.





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