SAAB Diagnostics

Modern cars differ from their predecessors not only in design.
It’s no secret that constructions and technologies have evolved considerably over the last decades. It all makes the mechanic help in the event of a failure not always enough to solve the problem for good. The key to recovery is… computer diagnostics.

SAAB Diagnostics from A to Z

A few years ago, the production of SAAB vehicles was terminated and some drivers were left unattended during an accident and felt left alone. You belong to this group?

Remember that there are specialists working in Autoekspert who can be called SAAB car experts without hesitation. What’s more, we are not just experts but also true passionate ones. We love all cars but it is in the SAAB diagnostics where we are unchallenged.

Our SAAB diagnostics cover every area of ​​the car – from electrical installations, through turbochargers, to pressure measurements, AFR and brake fluid boiling temperatures. And because, as the name implies, we are experts, exactly auto-experts, after a thorough diagnostic, every SAAB car reveals all of its secrets before us. This way, we can apply the best course of “treatment” 😉



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SAAB diagnostics based on the best hardware and software

SAAB diagnostics help us with the best hardware and software – TECH II, SNAP ON PDL4000 and GDS 2..

And what exactly can we help you and your car with?

As soon as we need it – we will upgrade the software, we will load up new computers with SPS (Service Programming System), delete errors, and program drivers.

Glowing lights or disturbing symptoms? Time to diagnose your SAAB

If your SAAB starts to act disturbingly, you can find help. We are happy to be acclaimed as the best healers of SAAB vehicles.

When others evaluate the situation as hopeless, suggesting that there is no resuscitation, we diagnose the cause and do everything to make the car return to full strength. That is why every customer will find support from us – even one who has been sent away in a different workshop.

The correct SAAB diagnostics requires not only specialized tools and software but also the relevant skills and knowledge. This is all that you and your car will find in Autoeskpert. If you do not know why your vehicle is plagued by alert lights, check us out 😉





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