SAAB Inspection

Your SAAB starts to behave uncomfortably? Something starts to bring out your anxiety? It’s time to review Autoekspert!

Why inspect your SAAB in Autoekspert?


Although SAAB vehicles are considered to be very solid and almost reliable, they also require systematic reviews under the guidance of specialists who will know how to “heal” them if needed.  As you would expect of your doctor to thoroughly analyze your condition and commission comprehensive research, so your vehicle needs an A-to-Z inspection from time to time.


At Autoekspert you can rest assured that we will honestly check your SAAB. We will carefully inspect and check your car so that even minor flaws will not escape our attention. However, we are aware that mistakes and omissions are still a human thing. However, we have found a method – we have developed a special inspection system for SAAB and other vehicles to minimize the risk of errors.
During an SAAB inspection, our specialists check several dozen designated points by conducting accurate measurements with specialized equipment. To help automate return to full use, they use not only their knowledge and experience but also some information about specific vehicles.


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How much time should be foreseen for a fair SAAB inspection?


During the SAAB inspection, Autoekspert’s professionals check even small parts and components for an average of 2.5 hours. This time allows you to see the car carefully and evaluate its technical condition. The owner is then notified of the faults that are have been diagnosed.


We remember that “time is money” and that is why we do everything so taht the driver can return home with his car the same day.

If, during an SAAB inspection, we gather that the vehicle requires more serious repair, we agree with the customer for a convenient date for his next visit.
We know from experience that time pressure is not conducive to thorough repairs and often costs more. That is why we rarely decide to carry out serious procedures just after an SAAB inspection.

How to schedule an SAAB inspection?

To reduce the waiting time for a ready-to-fly vehicle, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment soon enough.

Prior booking of an SAAB inspection gives us the opportunity to properly prepare the position and documents. In case that the customer does not respond to the time we have proposed, he may leave the car in the morning from 7:00 to 9:00 or the evening the day before.


What will we take under the magnifying glass when inspecting your SAAB?

– We will check the status of suspension components
– We will check the steering
– We will check the condition of the bearings
– We will check the condition of the V-belts.
– We will check the electrical installation
– We will check and replenish operating fluids
– We will change oil, oil filter and air filter
– We will check the air conditioning performance
– We will check the wear condition of the brake lining
– We will check the wires (fuel, water, brakes, power steering)



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