Teamwork is a foundation of our garage. Our car mechanics are people who have a common passion. Each of us is different and that’s why we work so well as a group. It is not easy to be in our team – you need to be a hard-working person, have a heart for the automotive industry, really love what you do and want to constantly improve yourself!

Fortunately, the automotive industry is quickly moving forward and gives us great chance to show off our talents 🙂



Anyone who has ever talked with Radek knows that instead of blood in his veins there is a petrol.

Radosław Wojdyna


Responsible for our PR and Marketing services – from choosing cookies, through leaflets to YouTube 🙂

Katarzyna Wojdyna


It’s him, who every day accepts your cars and writes out orders. Thanks to him, communication between a client and mechanics goes much more efficiently, which results in faster: execution of orders and returning cars back to their owners.

Adam Konopka



He is a mechanic related with our garage for the longest time. He introduced BMW repair and service to our offer. He has a vast knowledge and experience. Very often he is engaged in repair of engines.

Kamil Kurpeta


He is a specialist in complex repairs. He can diagnose even hopeless cases.


Czarek Krajnik


He is an experienced mechanic from the hardest work. He deals with a suspension, an inspection and a replacement of a camshaft.


Darek Parys